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Voicever Smart Route

Voicever Smart Route(Virtual Receptionist) calls to the right agent at the right time,every time. Customer can be routed based on IVR selections,customer history , agent availability and more.With our Voicever Smart Route solution you can easily customize you call rules and agets to attend the calls.


Voicever Verifica

Now you don't need a voice caller that calls a cellphone deliver something or to confirm cellphone number, Our simple, easy to integrate Voicever Verifica api will do all it calls and text the cellphone number ask for the OTP and takes your client reply and process it according client reply.


Voicever Smart Chat

Now catch your clients and answer them instantly by using VOICEVER Smart Chat. We skip the distance between you and your clients. By Using VOICEVER you can automate all your client chats and response them instantly, for all you just need to sign-up for VOICEVER and instanly handle your clients queries.


Voicever Click 2 Call

VOICEVER Click 2 Call is very demanding service by corporates to catch clients. You can integrate it on your Website very easily using API. Now don't worry you can't miss your client, your client comes on your website and Click a button after that you and your client connects with each other using Voice Call.


Voicever Misscall

Voicever Misscall an innovative way to connect with your customers.Voicever Misscall enables businesses to run “Missed call campaigns” on its platform.Customers gives missed call to promoted number (Product, TV, Social media, papers etc.).Companies use the database to authenticate, advertise or engage with them.


Voicever Buizmark

BuizMark is android app developed to build perfect relationship between app user and their clients. BuizMark provides promotional email and sms facility and allows you to send them to choosen contacts.It has a dashboard which shows real time data about contacts/groups and sent email/sms.


Our Service

If you are building a business that insists on reliability, Voicever cloud telephony platform is your best bet.

Api Intigration

Api Intigration for OTP & Calls for verification.


Improve security with a OTP SMS authentication.

Automated Call/SMS

Reply based on your customers’ actions.

Call Routing

Route calls to individual agents or queues based on action.


Stores your voicemail from caller.

Mobile App

App to access anytime, anywhere form your mobile.


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We are hugely grateful to you for what you have done and can’t begin to thank you enough for all your patience, wise council, good humour and support.


Many thanks for all your help and advice and for looking after us in the excellent way that you do without which we would be at a complete loss.


The Voicever’s team are always most helpful and proactive. They have provided invaluable support to me in specialist areas of the Cloud telephony.


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We provide Hosted Call Center Software & IVR are tailored to suit your specific needs. Our communication platform has been integrated with leading CRM, ticketing, and analytics solutions for maximum efficiency.

We Offer a Cloud service that does not require time consuming, setting up and connection to third Party’s software. Just Contact with us and Quick Start.
We believe in having open communication with our customers and creating a home like working environment for them. We make clear and specific commitments about our capabilities and plans that make our clients build healthy trust with us.
Talk to us anytime you need to. We have a 24×7 support, 365 days a year with comprehensive training.We fix issues of Customers. Using the tools and remote support technology we can diagnose and repair your issues.

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Talk to us anytime you need to. We have a 24×7 support, 365 days a year with comprehensive training.We fix issues of Customers. Using the tools and remote support technology we can diagnose and repair your issues.